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'ecstasy'...spinoff of 'fun'...or, matters ( always ) of aesthetics,

updated wed 25 jan 06


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 24 jan 06

and, liabilities of Emotion's danse-de-jur, with Reason...

Hi Lili, all me claybuds...

Just a little amble....

I think the phrase 'Ecstasy and Me" was the title of Greta Garbo's =

(n=E9e Greta Lovisa Gustafsson, born 1905, the Swedish expatriate =

I used to ( still do I s'pose, ) have a really big crush on that =

Oh well, I was fifty years too late!

Oh well...


But anyway, differently...we may be interested to find, or to muse -=20

...with a rough and partial MDMA time line -=20

Dec 24, 1912 MDMA patented by Merck Pharmaceuticals. =20

(Patentschrift Nr 274350, Klasse 12q. Gruppe 32/10 Ausgegeben den =
16, Mai 1914 Patentiert im Deutscehn Reiche com 24 Dezember 1912 ab. =
Verfahren zur Darstellung von Alkyloxyaryl-, Dialkyloxyaryl- und =
Alkylenedioxyarylamine- propanen bzw. deren am Stichkstoff =
monoalkylierten Derivaten. )
1953 The Army Chemical Center studied MDMA toxicity by giving =
MDMA to guinea pigs, rats, mice, monkeys, and dogs. It is determined to =
be less toxic than MDA.=20
1965 Alexander Shulgin synthesizes MDMA but does not yet try it.=20
c. 1967 The first small underground batches of MDMA are =
synthesized. Relatively few individuals have tried it at this point. =20
c. 1968 Alexander Shulgin begins working with MDMA personally and =
introducing others to it. =20

Aug 1970 First published case report of recreational MDMA use. =20

1976 The first scholarly article on MDMA is published. =20

c. 1977 =20

MDMA begins to be available on the street as a recreational drug. =

1977 =20

Great Britain amended its Misuse of Drugs Act (1971) to include as =
Class A all compounds structurally derived from an =
N-alkyl-alpha-methylphenethylamine by substitution in the ring with an =
alkylendioxy substituent. This legislation encompassed all ring =
substituted amphetamines (including MDA, MDE, MDMA, etc). Class A is the =
most controlled category of drugs in Britain. =20
1977 - 1981 =20

Only eight individuals seek emergency room treatment after the use =
of MDMA during this four year period according to the Drug Abuse Warning =
Network (DAWN). =20
1981 - 1985 =20

There are zero people who seek emergency room treatment after the =
use of MDMA during this four year period, according to the Drug Abuse =
Warning Network (DAWN). =20
Jul 1, 1985 =20
MDMA temporarily placed into Schedule I by the DEA under emergency =
scheduling provisions. =20
1987 =20

First published report of a human death due to MDMA use. =20

Dec 22, 1987 =20
MDMA is removed from schedule I because of improper procedure in =
its original emergency scheduling by the DEA. =20

Mar 23, 1988 =20

MDMA permanently placed in Schedule I. =20

Mar 23, 1988 =20
MDMA is placed back into Schedule I without challenge. =20

1991 =20

Alexander and Ann Shulgin publish PiHKAL, documenting over 250 =
phenethylamines, including MDMA, mescaline, 2C-B, 2C-T-7, 2C-T-2, and =
many others. =20

1994-1999 =20

During this 5 year period, there were 27 Ecstasy-related deaths in =
the U.S. as reported by SAMSA 9 =20
2000 - 2001 =20

Nearly 20 deaths around the world are attributed to tablets =
containing PMA sold as Ecstasy.=20

My notes -=20

Worldwide manufactureing and distribution of 'street ecstasy' is via the =
Israeli mob, with the blessings of Mossad.

Appearently harmless if made correctly, but when made badly and a few =
molecules 'off', can be unpredictably toxic or problematic.
Cynical manufacturers and distributors may not be shy to make and sell =
chemicals which are 'a few molecules off'...especially if it pays well.

Probably none or at most very, very few of these U.S. deaths were from =
what properly, clinically, technically, forensically, were really =
attributable to MDMA, but from other causes occuring during the time the =
subject had used 'ecstasy' or used something purported to be 'ecstasy'. =
Or, from MDA or other chemicals or combinant chemicals being sold 'as' =
MDMA. Or, in conditions also of ancilary chronis or on-going health =
compromises or other logistcal-accidental-incidental issues where the =
victim could or would well have died regardless of whether there was any =
'related to' or 'association' with, a purported use of street =

Someone passed out on the floor, asphyxiating on their own vomit with a =
blood alchohol count off the charts, who has not eaten in weeks or is =
also clinically dehydrated, or who also shot some speed or 'meth' maybe, =
too, but whose friends later say had taken some 'ecstasy', becomes, =
someone whose death is 'associated-with' or 'related' to the use of, or =
of purported 'ecstasy'.


So, too, in ths same time period, say, from 1994 to 1999 anyway, five =
years, concervatively, or, as most informed experts have been asserting, =
and prior 'C.D.C.' head Scientists were lamenting, we have nearly =
800,000 (Eight Hundred Thousand) iatrogenic deaths a year here in the =
United States on average for a long long, for those same five =
years, we would have roughly Four Million people in the United States =
who have died from specious and aggregiously inept medical mishap and =
malpractice proper, or from iatrogenic infections, diseases or =
complications thereof, AS 'cause of death', according to the best =
present and past estimates ( I used to think it was less! around =
400,000-a-year...Oh! I am so naive...! ) even if such informaiton is =
hard to find and never played up in the media surveys and assays of the =

Deaths in the United States actually, really, properly and clinically =
attributed to 'MDMA' are probably none, at least in any context where it =
would make sense TO so attribute unless there were some truely ghastly =
quantity of overdose taken by someone...even if "27" deaths in those "5" =
years are 'associated' with or 'related' to circumstances of a purported =
association in use, or merely of what someone said was said-to-be =
'ecstasy' or 'MDMA' which some of the individuals actually died of =
dehydration, falls, asphyxiation, food poisoning, alcohol intoxication, =
and other mis-haps or synergistic-complications of 'drug interactions' =
with alcohol, speed, reds, cocaine, scrip'-meds, etc...or from =
complications of prior and on-going health and substance abuse issues =
and not, properly, from MDMA as such.

Such 'deaths' could also be 'associated' with say, the brand of Beer =
they drank, the brand of clothes they wore, the Pizza they ate, whether =
they put their left or right Shoe on 'first', or whether it rained that =
day..and still be just-as 'Statistically' valid...AS purportations of =

How many people have had their 'Cause of Death' attributed to 'Aspirin' =
overdose in that same period?

I think roughly ten times that number...

How many choked to death on that big, fatty wiggley bite of 'steak'?

Prolly twenty times that number...

Big 'fat' globilly-wiggley bites of 'Steak' are not presently "Schedule =
1" items for the 'D.E.A.'...



Or, at worst, it is roughly, numerically, were we to provisionally =
'believe' the "27" figure over 5 years, for the 'U.S.', then, to bear =
in mind also, that Four Millions were also dead from bad doctors and bad =
hospitals, so : divided by '27' is roughly 150,000, or a One Hundred and =
Fifty Thousand-to-one ratio...

Or that on this basis, even of the 'best' most informed numbers being =
given to work with for both concerns, it is One Hundred and Fifty =
Thousand times more 'dangerous' to see a doctor, or be admitted to a =
hospital, or to trust 'them', in terms of courting untimely fatality ( =
leaving aside non-fatality occurances of significant damage or =
inconvenience or lament )...than, say, to take street drugs (that are =
not 'MDMA' ) being sold as (MDMA) 'ecstacy'...and to 'trust' such a =
'street drug pusher' with your 'life'.

Or, your (figurative, plural 'you' of course, ) =
One-hundred-and-fifty-thousanth dose of purported 'street ecstasy', puts =
you ( again, ditto, ) on par 'danger-wise', liability wise, =
statistic-wise, death-probability-wise, with one, count 'em, "1" visit =
to your doctor or hospital-entrance-ritual...

Or, who defines what for whom?

Always a question I think is worth wondering about...

One reason why 'discussions' are of potential good...

I have never tried MDMA...

But I think it, like so much, information-wise, ontology wise, =
every which wise, is interesting...


Las Vegas