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southern ice / murrini workshops

updated fri 20 jan 06


Chris Campbell on thu 19 jan 06

I've been using Southern Ice ever since I
got a small sample at NCECA in Charlotte.

There is nothing to equal the pure whiteness ...
it just grabs up the Mason stains and produces
vivid colors ... match that with translucent white
and you have instant addiction.

It can be a true 'Diva" however ... it demands
close attention and pampering.

Dry your pieces slowly and evenly.
Support any wide pieces when firing.
Slow cool the kiln by firing down.
Enjoy the fabulous results.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - I will be teaching
two workshops on colored porcelain and murrini building
this year ... one in July in Oklahoma and one in September
in North Carolina ... more details as things get firmed up.

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