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kaplan packing redux

updated fri 20 jan 06


Jonathan Kaplan on thu 19 jan 06

Greetings all:

I see that I have been cited by Mel and others regarding my packing
methods. Thanks to all for taking notice! We have been packing and
shipping pots for over 35 years this way.
I would like to add a small addendum since my original packing post
goes back many years.

Yes we still use new boxes. We don't use egg crates of filler flats
anymore. We still double box using peanuts between the boxes. We
still ship UPS unless a client specifies otherwise. In fact, all our
shipping through UPS is a shipped "freight collect " billed directly
to our clients' UPS accounts using UPS Worldship software. As UPS has
a 2 week window for payment and our work is shipped net 30 days, we
can keep current with our weekly shipping bills to UPS.

We have 2 configurations for packing our work depending on the work
itself. A "cube" configuration and a "rectangle" configuration, all
based on an interior box and and exterior box with a total of a 2"
space between all walls, that means 1" sides, 1" top and bottom. We
are casting very large lamp bases and these all are packing in our
"rectangle" configuration. For instance, the interior box is a 12" x
12" x 24" while the exterior box is a 14" x 14" x 26", with
styrofoam peanuts in between. We use bubble pack and stretch film to
wrap all trhe work.

We spend a great deal of money and time to insure that our work
arrives safely. Corrugated is expensive as is bubble and peanuts, not
to mention the space to store our packing supplies. We have always
charged a packing fee and have never encountered any resistance from
our customers. Our lamp bases for instance average $100 wholesale per
piece for our client and it very important to have the work arrive
safely. It has been interesting working for interior designers, to
say the least.

I realize that there is a wide variety of choices in packing and
shipping. Everyone finds methods and materials that work. We had one
claim to UPS in 2005 whiccvh was cheerfully paid.



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