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glaze comparison, rhodes 32 question

updated wed 18 jan 06


David Gallagher on tue 17 jan 06

I don't know if you interested or willing to post your Rhodes 32 glaze here or not. But I was interested in if this is the same recipie that you use or if its been reformulated. We fire to cone 8 where I work, and as soon as I saw your pots I thought this was the same glaze. We don't really name our glazes, just give them #'s so Im not sure if this is a Rhodes variation or what. There is a link to some pictures where I used this glaze blelow. Also done the addition of oxides to it with good results as well. Just curious to maybe learn where I'm coming from useing this glaze that I didnt make.

#24 Cream Rust
Brown with tan breaks
matt thin / gloss heavy

goes green with heavy app and heavy reduction

Neph Sye 64.5
Dolomite 21.5
Ball Clay 4.5
Bentonite 2.7
Tin Oxide 7

Red Iron Oxide 2

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