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bailey air cleaners - anyone actually use one?

updated wed 18 jan 06


Eric Serritella on mon 16 jan 06

I saw that Bailey's air cleaners are on sale and am considering buying =
one as Grammy was generous this Christmas. There is also a similar one =
made by a company called Artist's Air. I've been through all the =
archives and there is lots of discussion about air cleaners, but I =
couldn't find anyone who'd actually used one of these or what they =
thought. While a clean studio is first and foremost the best prevention, =
an air cleaning system is a nice safety net since after all it is clay, =
and there will be some dust.

Does anyone have experience using either the Bailey system or the =
Artist's Air system? I'd be interested in any shared experience as to =
how well they work, the quality of the product (is it built to last), =
how often you find the filters need to be changed and under what =
conditions (i.e., the level of activity in the studio), etc.

Any other models anyone knows of? Google pretty much ends up at Bailey =
other than systems designed for home use that I don't feel would be =
adequate for a busy studio.


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Candace Young/Norman Czuchra on tue 17 jan 06

We've had one for 20 years and it has worked very well with no problems. I
run it after I clean the floor and any time I mix glazes. Candace
Candace Young

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