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updated tue 17 jan 06


Pat Southwood on sat 14 jan 06

Hi all,

I had to do some staff development at college last week and decided to =
make some thrown teapots as an example of skills development/individual =
technique. Whatever...
I have thrown the component shapes for teapots loads of times, but it =
has just never happenned that they have got together as a teapot before.
I was shown how to make the "Harrow" teapot by an ex student and told =
to make one copy and 6 variations on the theme. . =20
It is only since coming home and looking at some of my books =
(specifically Norwich Castle Museums' book on contemporary teapots) =
have I realised quite how many contemporary teapots are based on this =
particular design.
In it's basic form it is terribly dated, very 70's Not necessariliy the =
worse for that, just an observation.
I think Harrow was the course that used to be described as "the marriage =
breaker" please someone correct me if I am wrong.
It is interesting to see it's continual morphing as each potter is =
taught the basic shapes and then runs with the form.
I'll do my best.............
Pat Southwood

Lee Love on sun 15 jan 06

On 2006/01/15 6:16:29, wrote:

> I was shown how to make the "Harrow" teapot by an ex student and told to
> make one copy and 6 variations on the theme. .

Pat, can you point us at any pictures? I have no idea what a
Harrow looks like.

Lee Love
in Mashiko, Japan My Photo Logs

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

--Leonardo da Vinci

Pat Southwood on sun 15 jan 06

Lee, et al,

Thanks for your interest...
I hesitate to forward one particular picture in case I inadvertantly =
offend or promote.

Basically, the way I was told was;
2lb clay for the body 6" base in a sort of half sphere plus an inch on =
the bottom. Ends up about 4" to 4 and a half inches high=20
Apperture of lid hole 2 and a half inches. Straight sided drop with a =
rounded defined bevel on the outside edge.
Lid, 4oz. Throw right side up. get outside edge to correct diameter. =
Divide centre of clay and throw knob to desired design. Throw outside =
edge up as a collar and then fold out to match the rounded bevel of the =
spout 4oz. Centre to 2" base and throw up to 4" to 4 and a half =
inches. Cut to shape.
2lb clay carrot pulled into 2 strap handles (so you can choose the =
best) Attached as a side handle rather than an "over the top " =
Hope this helps to clarify stuff.
I will send you a picture of my efforts when they emerge.........
Best wishes,
Pat Southwood.

Ivor and Olive Lewis on mon 16 jan 06

Dear Pat Southwood ,

I would imagine that if the teapot is called the Harrow Style it =
originates from the people who were teaching at Harrow when it was the =
powerhouse of English studio ceramics in the fifties and sixties.

I suggest people have a look in "Craft of the Potter" by the late =
Michael Casson, Page 83.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.