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no thanks for waddahelldaya think replies

updated sun 15 jan 06


David Woof on sat 14 jan 06

Bruce, So what is this about?, the majority consensus was in agreement with
the cement board you indicated you were considering and you have a
contractor son who was recomending masonry and now "you will probably go
with double drywall and pink insulation"???, Pink? Christ save us all!!!why
not then yellow or the blue stuff?
Did you consider that most of don't consider this list a frivolity and many
of us don't respond because we just need to see our words in print, but
subscribe to a comittment to assist and support each other. And not waste
each other's valuable time. Of course you may, will, and must do as you see
fit, but consider the people hours that went into the responses I don't feel
you needed as you and your son are obviously experts in your field.

David Woof

peering over the edge, reverently taking an irreverent look at everything.