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packing supplies

updated sat 3 dec 11


Phyllis Tilton on fri 13 jan 06

Here I go again about recycling. Our community provides plastic bins for recycling. One for cans and bottles and one for newspapers. They will take card board boxes, throw them in the back of the truck and crush them. It is the plastic that I seem to accumulate. Well, before Christmas, I started using some of those as packing material and letting someone else take them to their grocery store to recycle. They are soft and will fit in to many nooks and crannies.

I did run into another shippiing problem. Bought a lovely water color, framed, and thought I would let a professional ship it. Went to Fed Ex and they said 'NO". I,then, didn't even try UPS. I checked with some painter friends. One told me to replace the glass with plexiglass. Another, said to remove the glass and let the recipient replace it. It is kind of a pain in the ankle to take the frame apart--it didn't want to come apart.

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Mike Gordon on fri 2 dec 11

Here in Walnut Creek, Ca. we had a home decorative store called "THE Z
GALLERY" , I used to visit their dumpster a couple of times a month. I
came away with large bags of pop corn, rigid styrofoam,etc. more than I
can use!! Mike Gordon