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copyright laws

updated sat 14 jan 06


David Hendley on fri 13 jan 06

In my opinion, trying to protect your work with copyrights is
an expensive exercise in futility.
A "copyright" means nothing unless you have the will and the
resources to defend it. Unless you are willing to pay
thousands of dollars to lawyers, you are wasting your time and
money having your work copyrighted.
The whole idea of trying to copyright anything made of clay is
rather ridiculous to me.No matter how original you make think
you are, it has been done before.

The life of a copyright, BTW, has been extended several times
in the last century, and now stands at the life of the artist plus
75 years, thanks to legions of lawyers and lobbyists from the
likes of the Walt Disney Company.

"Good artists borrow, great artists steal."
--generally attributed to Pablo Picasso, but is it really his idea?

David Hendley
Old Farmhouse Pottery

> What is your policy regarding copyright issues? This is something that I
> have been wondering about. I would appreciate your input regarding
> copyright
> laws and protection of your work and designs.