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recycling clay---and it is my money and my time

updated fri 13 jan 06


Phyllis Tilton on thu 12 jan 06

In my studio at home, I use about 4 different kinds of clay. Reason, making different types of pottery and wanting a different look. Some of the pots are beautiful made with BMix. I love theA.R.T. orangestone. It can be used outside and with it's density, gives a different look. I do some sculptures with terra cotta--good old low fire red clay. Another clay that is special, stoney, and gives an end product that looks as though it has been aged for 1000 years, --called Cooper Clay. Several years ago, a group of people had that clay made.Turned out that the stoney stuff didn't appeal to all so I bought their residue.

It is necessary to keep things labeled. The lid and the sides of the buckets, permanent markers on plastic bags, and I put the larger plaster bat near the bucket to keep track. Anything I make, I can tell which clay- and required cone---they are obvious because of the way I use them.

I have had a couple of friends kind of 'pooh-pooh' my recycling. I can answer two ways--as a person born into depression years, the motto, and, I have kind of lived this way--WASTE NOT, WANT NOT. My other answer, is: It is my money and my time. I am not into big production so can take a little time to handle the clay. Often the clays will develop a plasticity that is wonderful---I put throwing water in those buckets, too.

My .02 cents
and how I wish I could be at Portland-----can drive to Louisville next year!!!!!
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