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freecycle :: offered :: surplus studio supplies and books :: uk only

updated fri 13 jan 06


May Luk on thu 12 jan 06

I have the following for freecycle to my fellow starving potters UK:

1- Chapman & Smith: Safir Filter Cartridges - 5 pcs. Brand new in a box.
6898 - 02RCM (Weight: 175 gm)

2- One Glazing Tong (Weight: 226 gm)

3- Ceramic handbooks - Porcelain by Jack Doherty. ISBN: 0-7136-5085-0
(weight: 292 gm)

4- The Art of Firing by Nils Lou. ISBN: 0-7136-4741-8 (Weight: 314 gm)

5- Ceramic Faults and their remedies by Harry Fraser. ISBN:
0713627662 (Weight: 420 gm)

Please send me some first class stamps to cover postage and packaging. I
would like to give one item per potter/studio, and preferably studios
who work with charity or disadvantage students.

You can also pick up at W9 London.

Please do not hit reply to this post

Please email 'yamerica @ btopenworld dot com' privately for communication.

Many thanks
London, UK