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throwing big plates./ plastic scrapers

updated wed 11 jan 06


Carole Fox on tue 10 jan 06

Those big plastic scrapers are also great for scraping the clay and glaze
from buckets and cleaning off your bats and wedging board. Mine is hot pink!
Carole Fox
Silver Fox Pottery
Elkton, MD

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From: "Donald G. Goldsobel"
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2006 10:04 AM
Subject: Re: Throwing big plates. long. Hi Mary!

> Another great source for big ribs and scrappers is at the auto parts
> store-get a set of the plastic tools used by body shop workers for
> smoothing
> out the body filler. They cost a few dollars and there are 3-6 in a set.
> They are softer than metal, but versitile, cheap and can be cut to form
> profile tools. They melt so a soldering iron can be used to alter the
> shape.
> Donald