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temperature and what it mean to us - joseph's mentions, now,

updated wed 11 jan 06


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 10 jan 06


Hi Snail...!

What fun...

I went digging...

Found this -

Sounds like you are correct in the mention of the Salt Water Solution being
the freezing event for "Zero"...

Where, appearently, at least according to this source, it was equal parts
Salt and Fresh Water (by weight?) as the impirical for the subsequent
solution to be frozen to decide "0"

More fun later...whan I have a breather...

Gotta run...

in CHILLY again, of el veeeee

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>>>>>>>>>>>Liberal snippings have occurred here and below...<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

> There seems to be a persistent notion that the
> Fahrenheit scale was arrived at by either random
> assignment of numbers, or by arbitrary measurement
> of naturally-occurring phenomena, or maybe sheer
> ineptitude. Well, no.

> -Snail