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sagger, turned smoke fire, intresting results

updated wed 11 jan 06


scott jarrett on tue 10 jan 06

Ok, so I was going to do a sagger fire in my electric kiln and use my kiln
as the sagger. My coils were in need of replaceing, so I figured I would do
this before replacing them. So I filled it with pots and sawdust with about
a pound of miricle grow(copper). As the kiln started it started smoking a
great deal. While I knew it would do this, it stilled worried me a little
considering my kiln is not at my house. So I decided to turn it off(this
was about 20 mins into the fireing), and ask the advice of my firend who
lived in the place that our studio is in(we have a large warehouse as a
studio). My friends landlord said she would rather us not do it. The next
day my friend called me to let me know that the sawdust was still burning
and smoking a great deal(almost 24 hrs later). He wanted to to stop this so
we opened the kiln and very slowly started pouring small amounts of water to
smother the smoke and end it. As it cooled i was able to start pulling pots
out and rinsing them off. For the most part there was just tons of smoke
burned into the pots. But on all of them there were these small black specs
all over the pots. So my questions is what caused these black spots. Was it
the copper from the miricle grow that burned into them, or what. Can anyone
say if pouring the water into the kiln while it was pretty hot had any
effect the pots? My burnished pots turned out so sweet.

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