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chicken story...ot but clay related

updated tue 10 jan 06


Jon Brinley on mon 9 jan 06

Hello All,
Haven't posted in awhile, but felt this was good enough for the masses.

Sunday morning I awakened with the thought of working in the =
yard cleaning up some debris left from felling a few trees. As the day =
progressed I was satisfied that this is what was going to happen today =
and I would get the bulk of this work done.=20
As I cleaned up the limbs and stacked wood my dear wife was busy doing =
her list of chores she has set for herself, amongst which was tending to =
her chickens. She had gone to the pen to feed and water the McNuggets, =
and on her way out of the pen one fryer scampered out between her feet =
and she couldn't catch it. She decided to just let it stay out for the =
day and would put it back in that evening when she makes her last call =
on them.
Well, come evening the chicken was nowhere to be found. We searched high =
and low, in the neighbors yards and pastures. No Chicken. We accepted =
the fact that this one probably was dinner for some of the foxes in the =
area and we should be more careful when exiting the pen.
Today when I called home at lunch, I asked if the fryer had showed up, =
on the chance it survived the night in the wilds of Midland...still no =
When I got home from work I wanted to prepare everything for some work I =
have planned on my kiln. I gathered all the implements needed and headed =
to my kiln. Looking over the situation I heard the McNuggets in the pen =
just cackling and carrying on as if to tell me something was not right. =
I looked around the pen, checked the bushes, looked under my studio. =
Nothing, back to kiln. I rounded the front of the kiln and heard the =
chickens at it again. Looking back again, I saw nothing. Turned, put my =
hand in the kiln to move the bottom shelf out, there it was. The fryer =
had decided sometime yesterday it was time to lay an egg. Since the door =
to the pen was closed it found one that was open. She had wedged herself =
into the throat of the chimney head first, laid her egg, along with some =
other stuff that wasn't eggs, and spent the night and most of today. She =
was returned to the pen where she immediately ate and drank herself back =
to some since of normalcy.=20

Now the question is...If I leave the droppings, What effect could this =
have on my next firing?
And I wonder if an egg can survive ^10+???