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a few ceramics books available

updated fri 6 jan 06


Bonnie/Jeremy Hellman on wed 4 jan 06

I am sorting through my books and below are a few ceramics books available
to anyone interested in paying postage plus $1 (for packing envelope) from
Pittsburgh, PA to your location.

1. Fired by Ideals, Arequipa Pottery and the Arts and Crafts Movement, by
Suzanne, Baizerman, Lynn Downey and John Toki, copyright 2000, Oakland
Museum of California, includes photos of works on exhibit November 2000
through April 2001. Text and many photos, most in color.

2. The Technique of Handbuilt Pottery, Creative techniques for classroom,
studio and home workshop, by Mollie Interburn, copy right 1966. Lots of
black and white photos.

3. The Genius of China, An Exhibition of archaeological finds of the
People's Republic of China held at the Royal Academy, London, Sept 1973-Jan
1974. Has a number of photos of ceramics and bronze, some in color, most in
black and white.

4. The Letters of Gerhard Marcks & Marguerite Wildenhain 1970-1981, A
mingling of souls, Ruth R. Kath. A few black and white photos.

5. The Nature and Art of Workmanship, by David Pye, 1968 (more about design
and workmanship, not ceramics).

Please contact me if you are interested.

Bonnie Hellman