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the saga of my ^6 floating blue- the plot thickens...

updated thu 5 jan 06


Carole Fox on mon 2 jan 06

You guys are gonna think I'm nuts.

When last I wrote, I had mixed two batches of my usually well-behaved
floating blue that did not seem to fit my clay body. I was begging help for
figuring out how to lower the COE. Many kind souls suggested recipes or
things to try and I tried them all. I also mixed a batch of my original
recipe using new bags of 3 of the main ingredients ( 3134, EPK and Silica).

None of the tests looked like my tried and true RR Blue, which breaks a
lovely gold on my porcelain.

But more importantly...none of the tests were pinging. Not even the original

Now- another variable was that I fired the kiln really slowly.

So, I don't really know what's going on here. I am thinking to go with the
original recipe now and fire slowly again. (Will I be able to work with my
fingers crossed?) I am already late with this dinnerware set that was
supposed to be a holiday gift. My work needs to dry slowly and I can't keep
up with filling the kiln so that I can test more glazes.

I am thinking to change the way I produce pots. Instead of samples of a
place setting, I am going to make complete sets for ready-purchase. I can't
take the stress of commission work!

Thank you.
Carole Fox
Silver Fox Pottery
Elkton, MD