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book note: left-brain finance for right-brain people

updated thu 5 jan 06


Taylor, in Rockport TX on wed 4 jan 06

Howdy y'all:

I was putting up this month's book display (New Year, New You), putting
out things on improving health, organization, self-help, money stuff, and
I came across a title:

Title: Left-brain Finance for Right-brain People: A Money Guide for the
Creatively Inclined
Author: Monroe, Paula Ann.
Publication: Naperville, IL Sourcebooks, Inc., 1998.
ISBN: 1570713405
Subject: Finance, Personal.
Estate planning.

I was unable to take a look at a physical copy, but we have an eBook copy
(yuck) and I took a quick look at the contents. It runs down all the
mysterious money concepts that creative "potters" may have difficulty
understanding. I checked and there is a section on self-employment. May
or may not be a good book for the pub.

Taylor, in Rockport TX