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kiln: hardwire to safety / disconnect switch -- how to extend /,

updated thu 29 dec 05


May Luk on fri 30 dec 05

replace factory cord?

Hiya Leland;

When I connected my kiln a couple of years ago. The electrician was not
familiar with high temperature appliances either. He did check a book
for the right size of cable to buy (the one he had to study for his
certification?) He also showed me so that I felt secured.

Yes, the kiln switch box is always eye-level, next to the controller.
It's like this here in the UK.

This may seems obvious. Please make sure the cables are labeled. I have
4 wires coming out of the main fuse box. I recently have to disconnect 2
kilns in the studio. When the electrician's not around, I don't know
nothing. My kiln cables was labeled and the other wasn't. I only
disconnected mine easily. The other has to be done in the dark with
everything turned off, and a flash light, just to be sure.

Best Wishes
London, UK