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kiln hardwire a method

updated thu 29 dec 05


Taylor, in Rockport TX on fri 30 dec 05

Hey Leland:

I promised photos and I have uploaded two to my flickr account.

My kiln is an older Paragon A99-B. It has three switches and is a cone 8
kiln. I have it on a 60 amp breaker (is that right? I forget). Anyway,
you can see my connections easily from the pictures. My bottom switch box
is also where the main line comes in and the switch loop leaves to the kiln
sitter. In one picture you can see the armored conduit that leads to the

I hope this gives you a little info Leland and others. No need to be afraid
of this stuff, respectful, but not afraid. Knowledge is calming, yes. Ahhhhhh.

Peace out, y'all.

Taylor, in Rockport TX