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costs of gas kiln, was ethenol story/energy

updated thu 29 dec 05


Linda Ferzoco on tue 27 dec 05

Hi Millard,

Thanks for the info about the costs of LPG vs. NG, etc. Are you saying that it costs in excess of $50 to fire the 10 cu ft. kiln to cone 10 using propane?

I'm confused about the costs you cite: at one point you mention $2/gallon, then later $4.59/gallon. Please clarify.

Thanks, Linda

Millard Balfrery wrote: At $2 a gallon
another $160 for seventy gallons of propane and $125 to certify my 100 gallon
tank. The kiln will fire to c11 but I have only used it for firing raku. It
takes about three hours to get to c6 as the walls are very thick and consumes
10+ gallons of Propane at $4.59 per gallon from Amerigas. I think twice before
firing, once the heat is reached it takes 20-30 minutes to 1900 degrees again.