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updated thu 29 dec 05


Lee Love on fri 30 dec 05

On 2005/12/30 2:09:44, wrote:

> Firewire's 400 Mbps - BUT - Firewire handles the data differently, so
it is actually faster. So, if I have told anyone in
>the past that USB 2.0 is faster, I stand corrected, sort of! Here is
where I found the info -

Firewire 1394a usually outperforms USB 2.0 in actual tests, but you are
comparing apples and oranges. 1394b , Firewire 800, is much faster:

USB 1.1 12 Mb/s Vs. FireWire 1394a 400 Mb/s

USB 2.0 480 Mb/s Vs. FireWire 1394b 800 Mb/s

There are other technical advantages of Firewire. Probably the two
most useful to non-Geeks are linking many devices in a chain to one port
on the computer without using a hub, and also peer-to-peer
capability. Meaning, you can plug your camcorder or mp3 player into
it without using a computer, to upload images or sound. It is also
possible to link Firewire drives in a RAID chain. You can do this an
make a large, redundant, very fast virtual drive. A friend of mine
edits movies using this method.

test graphs here:

I have a Lacey Firewire 800 external hard drive and it
is very fast. Just bought a refurbished Thinkpad for writing on
(under $400.00! like new!) and will mail order a firewire 800 card from
Lacey so the IBM can use it too. The PC card they offer has two 400
ports and two 800.

Lee Love
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