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updated sat 24 dec 05


Veena Raghavan on fri 23 dec 05

While we are on the subject of Clayart etiquette, I have a request. I don't
know if others have the same problem, but often I do not know who has posted a
particular request or piece of information, as there is no signature, and the
address does not have the full name. Even if the post is signed with just a
first name, I do not know which Judy, or which June has posted, just to give an
example. So, my request, could we please sign our posts with either the full
name, or have the name under the signature. It is just that I keep a lot of the
pertinent information and would like to give credit to the person who posted,
if the need ever arises.

Thank you all.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season and that 2006 will bring everyone
good health, happiness, and good fortune.

Veena Raghavan