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clay carnival workshop sponsored by ovcag

updated fri 23 dec 05


Joan Ridings on thu 22 dec 05

Good Morning Clayarters.

I'd like to announce that Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild (OVCAG) is =
sponsoring the Clay Carnival workshop event at Clay Planet on January =
14th in San Jose, CA. =20

You can't miss...only $25 to learn new surface decoration techniques, =
get creative ideas, sculpt a form. Or learn how to pitfire at home in =
the backyard, or build your own Raku kiln. What about learning how to =
market yourself and your work, or learn how to throw taller. What =
better gift could you give yourself? You could even give a special gift =
by registering a friend to share the day! Open to members, non-members =
and students. Saturday, January 14 is the day--sign up now. Register =

The best part is that you will get a booklet of all the handouts to take =
back to your studio to try out the techniques. Time to signup for Clay =
Carnival! On Saturday January 14 you have a chance to see up to 4 =
mini-workshops in one day. Pick the ones that you are most interested =
in and make the most out of your day.=20

Thank you,
Joan Ridings