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driving to necea : preconference events

updated thu 22 dec 05


Ellen Currans on tue 20 dec 05

In a message dated 12/20/05 1:00:37 PM !!!First Boot!!!,
rickmahaffey@COMCAST.NET writes:

> It may be sunny and clear or rainy or snowing so I would plan an extra
> day and if it is clear sailing, perhaps you can head out to the coast
> for a bit, Hank, Ellen any suggestions on where to visit on the Oregon
> coast?
I live just off Highway 99W which is the main highway from Portland down to
the central Oregon Coast - Lincoln City, Newport, Neskowin, etc. All year
long it is jammed with traffic going to and from the beach (and the casinos) on
Friday and Sunday evenings. I don't often feel the need to leave my own little
bit of paradise in the woods to join the crowd. There are some good
galleries down there, and whale watching at certain times, and the Pacific Ocean if
you have never seen it, but you will need a better guide than me to tell you
about it. Craig's gallery at Bellevue on the way would be one thing to do, and
he probably knows the other good galleries.

For guys who love old airplanes, the Air Museum in MacMinnville, which houses
the Spruce Goose and about 100 other old planes, is a real treat. (That is
something a husband could do instead of hanging out at NCECA.) The counties
around Portland have a lot of wineries too, and if wandering the hills looking
for the perfect Pinot Noir is your thing, you could do a lot of that in
Yamhill and Washington Counties. The Convention center probably has maps, opening
times, etc. for close to 200 wineries. Even a sake maker.

If you love books, I wouldn't miss Powell's in downtown Portland. A full
city block with three floors, new and used.

Besides the pre-conference "mini-Conference" at Lane Community College in
Eugene Hank told you about, there is also a pre-conference Workshop at Mt.Hood
Community College in Gresham (just east of Portland). March 6-7, 9 am to 5 PM.
$100. Jack Troy will make and trim pots as he would for his anagama. "See
the James Brown of wood fire do his stuff, listen to him discuss his aesthetic
vision and techniques for achieving the best color with wood." Send checks
to Lynn Horn Visual Arts, Mount Hood Community College. 26000 S.E. Stark St.,
Gresham, OR 97030. 503-491-7309.

Also at Mt. Hood CC will be a flower arranging session on the afternoon of
the 7th and a slide presentation by Donavan Palmquist: "Building Wood Kilns",
7PM on March 6th.

If you want to do any of these, you might ask when you register which bus
line will take you to the college from where you are staying. My guess is there
is a pretty direct bus line out to the college.

Ellen Currans
Dundee, Oregon

Keith Arbogast on wed 21 dec 05

I would add the Japanese Tea Garden, and the view of Mount Hood from
the Rose Garden to the list of special places around Portland. If you
love waterfalls, a trip down the old Columbia River Gorge Highway is
overwhelmingly beautiful. There's enough inspiration there for a

Best wishes,
Keith Arbogast