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can i show you my best christmas present?

updated wed 21 dec 05


Rachel Campbell on tue 20 dec 05

Hello all!

I met some of you at NCECA in Baltimore... I'm another mommy potter, with 4
little ones. I have my tiny "studio space" with my wheel and some shelves
in our basement pantry (I throw primarily between the hours of 10 pm and 2
am-- blessed quiet!!!), and my electric kiln, which I've had to fire using
the dryer outlet. Let me just say that getting caught up on laundry for 6
people so that I could unplug the dryer and plug in the kiln is not the
easiest task in the world (aside from safety considerations, etc.)...

Well, my sweet husband made a huge investment in me, my pottery etc. this
year... I finally have my own space OUTSIDE the house! It has taken the
better part of a year, but he had a shed built and delivered, and after
weeks and weeks of searching for an electrician that would come out wire it
for electricity, I now have a my own, separate, tiny working studio space
where I can glaze and fire! With lots of windows so I can watch the kids
play outside when the weather's nice. And best of all (or at least my
husband thinks so), now I can do laundry and fire the kiln at the same time!

Wanna see?

My non-clay, mommy friends think I've lost my mind, passing around pictures
of my studio instead of the kids. ;-) But I figured you guys could
appreciate it!

Hope you all are having as much fun during this holiday season as I am!

:-) Rachel in Odenton, Maryland

...where I'm planning just one more glaze firing before Christmas...