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1st ^1 firing very exciting

updated wed 21 dec 05


Eleanora Eden on tue 20 dec 05

Hi all,

I just got my cone 1 kiln out which is probably cone 2. Many of the
tests are quite exciting and almost no crazing. I adjusted a bunch
of glazes from Ron/John text and had a bunch I have been testing. I
fired about 100 tests, two Currie grid tiles, and about 10 little
jars and bowls.

I made myself a big spread sheet and so can see it all lined up,
recipes and unity formulas. Maybe I will learn something.

I really think I got the most mileage out of having layered the
glazes willy-nilly, as much as I had patience to document (more,
actually, than I had patience for).

As it happens I like the looks of the clay bodies I have much more
than I thought I would. When I fired the tests in the little test
kiln the clay looked uniformly pasty. I think the long firing helped
the clay a huge lot.

My schedule was:

100F/hr to 250F
150F/hr to 1400F (overnight)
350F/hr to 1900F
150F/hr to 2085F hold 20 m
quickly back to 2035 hold 1 hr
slowly back to 1985 hold 1 hr
125F/hr to 1400.

Those posts from Linda Blossom and others about long soaks hit me
just at the right time and I dared to stick around in the high heat
more than otherwise I would have. Rutile crystal development here
and there, some lovely surfaces. No too-much-flowing, almost no
crazing, lots of nice interest worth pursuing. Thanks, of course, to
all the help from clayarters.