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need quick help: cone 5-6 kiln firing

updated sun 18 dec 05


lela martens on sat 17 dec 05

My own advice.
. don`t open the kiln until the next day, maybe 12 hours longer than that.
Don`t take out the pots until they won`t burn your hands.
A soak is holding at the highest temp, or a bit lower to give the glaze
time to do it`s thing.
A good idea would be to get a pottery book from the library, or order
`Mastering cone 6 Glazes` for next time. It will tell you all that stuff.
Or, spend about a week plowing throught the archives.

Happy holiday from Lela

>Back to some basics that I cannot find in books:
>1. When is it OK to open the kiln? Under what temp?
>2. What is a soak and why and when would I want to do that?
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