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[spam]re: amusing name for a clay tool

updated sun 18 dec 05


fiona wallace on sat 17 dec 05

And in Australia, never, ever root around for a tool.

They'll laugh so much theirs heads'll fall off.


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Carol Tripp educates us thus:

> I received Axner's newsletter and ended up on their tools page. Scrolled
> down and came upon "Lee's Clay Bonker". What??? I know that in
> American-English, to bonk means to hit. However, in English English, it
> most certainly does not! In slang, to bonk means, in polite language, to
> have sex. One can bonk, be a bonker or be bonked. See, I can write it
> no one in the US blushes but they will be laughing in the UK.

And New Zealanders will also be laughing. A description of tools (for
comparative purposes) would also be considered something of a hoot (and that
has nothing to do with American hooters).

Geoffrey Gaskell

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