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dallas selling/studio sale

updated tue 13 dec 05


Kristin Yount on mon 12 dec 05

Maybe you should weigh in on the publicity. Writing a press release and
snoozing newspapers is good practice. I don't know if you are paying to
be in this show or not. If you are paying more than $25 for the table
then they should at least be putting an ad in the classifieds for you!
I judge whether or not I want to do something by looking at how well
the event is publicized. If it something I want to do (despite the lack
of advertising)then I try to find out what publicity they are doing and
try to make it better if there is no budget. Then you can be
responsible for making it great! You can marvel at all of the people you
mobilized to your whim.When people walk through the door you say "how
did you here about the sale" and they say "oh I read about it in the
classifieds(which you can do for the cost of one mug) and you will muse
I likey the power! You will too!

You have to do your own advertising. I just had my studio sale and I
had other artists join me. The only "charge" for showing at my house in
lieu if a booth or table fee was that they promote the sale in some
way...their email list, mail some of my fliers out whatever and at least
get their mothers or husbands over for a look. I do this twice a year
and the people who actually try to get people in the door are the people
I ask back the next time. I can tell right away who put the effort in
because if they asked people over they will stay around the house the
whole time-waiting for the people they invited. If they haven't
advertised they will set up and leave -they aren't expecting their
customers! I am a new potter in my city and my mailing list is pretty
slim and my friends already have enough of my stuff! So, I feel like I
need the help( and company) of other artists. It gives people more to
look at gift-wise when they come in and we take turns browsing each
other's stuff because you know that makes people look twice at your
table if someone else is already there looking/trying on. For the people
I asked to share in the bounty of my sale if they indeed held up their
end then they will always be welcomed back 10 years from now when I have
the 750 person mailing list and they will too! It is a way of showing
support for each other.

Kristin Yount