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wine or coffee/home selling--hot mulled cider

updated fri 9 dec 05


Susan Fox Hirschmann on thu 8 dec 05

For my Annual Winter Studio Show I always make
hot mulled cider. The aroma alone is cause for they to linger.
I have a wonderful recipe and it is totally nonalcoholic and is eagerly
enjoyed by my customers. Also I always get butter cookies from a very special
bakery around here as well as trail mix, and grapes and these things are always a
great hit. I try to keep them around to buy, by doing demos during the day,
and for those who have never seen a piece being thrown, it gives them a new
level of appreciation and hopefully helps them open their pocketbooks. I was
delighted that this year, I did double what I did last year and got several
custom orders to boot. I also am getting some architectural work out of this show,
visiting a woman's home to design pieces for her. So I am thrilled!

I also put bright pink signs on the rd., directing people right here. I was
amazed this year at how many people saw my signs, had never seen my work, but
bought not only a lot of stuff but larger pieces! Once never knows.

I will do it all again in the spring, the Sunday before mother's Day always
seems to be a great time for a Studio Show.

I have a jeweler friend that lives close by and we send customers to each
other...he is a firm believe in alcoholic eggnog and says people who get a little
":soused" tend to spend more. I have too many kids that come with parents to
go there!

Just my 2 cents.
Annandale, VA