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day 2 of show -stories from the edge - long

updated mon 5 dec 05


claybair on sun 4 dec 05

The island was buzzing today. Two shows occurring island wide
plus several people not in shows putting out their sale signs trying catch
the wave.
When I walked into our site I was told we were in the newspaper.
Our studio got front page photos one of a person trying on earrings,
one of some glassware & the other one was of my garden art.
We had lots of people in all day in waves.
It was great... doubled my sales from yesterday.
I went into this show with no to low expectations.
Sunday is usually a very slow day.... who knows...
I am not even trying to predict the outcome.
My carved bowls are getting a lot of admiration but no sales.
The lighting is not on them and I'll rearrange them tomorrow.
Garden art, teapot, mugs and soap dishes carried the day.
Price range $4 - $148.
More free soap dishes with $100 purchases and to my loyal repeat customers.
One woman and her daughter about 8 yrs old spent a half hour picking out
soap dishes
for gifts. The little girl admired one of them and then put it down.
I think she asked her mom if she could have it. After wrapping them I told
her she could have
the one she liked....her face lit up.
I took my husband's bear slippers today for some comic relief.... when we
had a lull
I walked around telling the vendors I had bare, bear, Bair feet. So what
is that .... a triple entendre?
A woman approached me to say she had the same name, spelling and
how she traced her genealogy in Solvang California....and ordered a crest
and shield.
She may have been related as she mentioned England and Germany. Her children
some pieces.... they liked my slippers!
Toward the end of the day a couple came to my booth asking if I was the
potter with the
teapot in the display window down town. She had to have the pot in the
window. I explained
it was a second and that we put our seconds in the window because we'd not
have access to
the work until Tuesday. I explained the flaw and that it was not functional.
She insisted that she wanted it
and the tray behind it which was also a second. I offered to make her one
that was functional but the price
was out of her range. She has to have it. We spent 15 minutes trying to
figure out how she is going to get it. She's going to California, I'm going
to Tucson...exchanging phone #s, schedules... she has to have it.
Then she saw a photo of a platter..... it was one that I gave to an
auction...... she wants one of those too.
This all from the window I took upon myself to find for the studio tour when
we were told there was none available.
I'm not patting myself on the back.... just noting that instead of just
bitching and not doing anything about adverse situations I did something
about it and it really paid off. I figure that if I bitch I also have to do
something to fix or improve the situation.
My son went to work today and came home with all his buddies from HS
tonight. I know they all are grieving and have spoken about their friend.
They are in the next room... I hear son has a such a wonderful
I think they will all be ok. They are good kids.... I am grateful.
I'm heading back into the studio to put a few more pieces together and play
a little with the
cat.... she's feeling neglected. I haven't told her I am leaving for Tucson
Life is like opening up the kiln .....inside there are racers and duds.
Statistically there may be more duds (unless you are Mel-san) but those
racers carry me forward
until I get the next one. Most of the shows I did this year were flat...
this one exceeded expectations.
It's good to end on a win.

Gayle Bair- not looking forward to tearing down my display. It's going to
take at least 2 trips
fortunately it's only 4 miles from my house.... that 50 mile radius works
Bainbridge Island, WA
Tucson, AZ
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