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cone 6 glaze - pumpkin

updated sun 4 dec 05


Rebecca Schwesig on fri 2 dec 05

Wow, I just found this list and spent most of my 2 year olds naptime
browsing through the archives - some interesting discussions! Got a pretty
simple question: I'm looking for a glaze recipe for cone 6 that comes out
with a nice amber/gold to sweet potato color. We call it "pumpkin" but no
one can find the recipe and I'm almost out - yikes! Any help out there?

June Perry on sat 3 dec 05

I have a cone 6 pumpkin glaze recipe on my website. There is also a picture
of a test tile with the glaze.
Go to:


At the bottom of the page you'll find links to glaze test pages. Just check
out the cone 6 pages and you'll find the recipe. Basically, it's a high
alumina matt colored with rutile.

June Perry (who just moved up to NC permanently. Closed on the Florida house
last week and now I'm facing the daunting task of getting all this stuff