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unloading hot kiln - more thoughts

updated fri 2 dec 05


William & Susan Schran User on thu 1 dec 05

Much of our society here in the U.S. seems to be more & more impatient with
just about anything in life. Gotta have that burger as soon as I walk in the
restaurant door, gotta have that what ever shipped to me tomorrow - the
whole culture seems to be in a "gotta have it now" frame of mind.

Can't wait for the kiln to cool down, gotta see the pots now.

If you can't wait, then do raku!

I wait until I can comfortably hold the pots AND kiln furniture in my bare
hand to unload kilns. Drives my impatient students nuts.

Just has to be less stress on the pots and kiln furniture.

-- William "Bill" Schran
Fredericksburg, Virginia