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selling from home/customer treatment

updated fri 2 dec 05


mel jacobson on thu 1 dec 05

i find it very important to just be very hospitable, but
not hover. i always give a greeting to my studio...see
what they want...get information from them...price range.

then i often just let them have their space.

`i am going to go into the house....please knock on the
door when you have selected your pieces.`

if they need more help, suggestions of purchase, i do that.
i always get a price range...never try to sell them up.
(they can feel that fast...and most don't like it...i know i don't.)

i do suggest favorites however...and often they buy two.
one for the gift, one for themselves.

it is a fine art to bring them along to the better pieces.
they often ask...`what do you like best?` i tell them.

my regulars, folks i know well, just come in the studio..breeze
through the new firing, and pick stuff...pack their own, leave a check.
i like them a great deal..don't get in their way.
they know what they want. and do i ever encourage folks to
allow good friends and good customers to have their heads.
give them the `key` to the studio. (i don't lock mine at all.)
those pots that have their `own legs` are really the best profit
margin you have. cash.

the pots will sell themselves if you can get folks to stop in.
that is the trick. get them to your door.
they adjust real fast to your personality...if you are quiet,
be it. they will like the work, if they like the work..and will pay.
but for sure, folks like my studio better than the megamall.
`oh, you see that deer out your window, and so close
to town...` oh yah...her name is julie. four year old, had twins the
last two years.`. and then the fox prances across the back yard.
see...better than any mall.
always send a small bag of clay home with kids.
have them bring it back the next time they a pot.
i fire about five a year. happy mom and dad...customer for

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