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it's all about the money

updated tue 29 nov 05


clennell on mon 28 nov 05

Been wondering why you haven't heard from David Hendley lately???? I haven't
wondered for a minute. It's all about the money! He cashed in at the Texas
Clay Festival and then had his annual studio tour hot on it's heels this
past weekend. He's been making, glazing, firing and promoting and counting
his cash. Tom Wirt and I are visiting him in Feb and he has lots of beer to
Soon as he has made the deposits he's got some "splainin'" to do. I opened
the mailbox to get my Clay Times and read his article about not going to
workshops, not buying magazines and videos and bucking your capitalist wants
and just staying in the studio and making. Then I open this padded envelope
with a CD from David's new band "The Extrudinaires" with music to extrude
by. The CD is to accompany the DVD he is releasing on extruding. Tell us
David you're doin' this all for peace, love and understanding. I say it is
for the beer money.
Great tunes by the way and once again some very clever marketing with the
"Is it time to redecorate theme" on your invite.
See ya soon, cowpoke.

Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario

Tom at on mon 28 nov 05

Boy, you got the old boy nailed, Tony C! When he says he doesn't believe
in insurance, it isn't because he doesn't want any of his hard earned bucks
to go to "THEM"...he wants to keep them all himself. When he says don't use
Visa...he just wants that extra 2 or 3 percent. I don't know T....we may
want to bring a small backup stash of beer in the trunk....just in case!

Tom Wirt
Hutchinson, MN