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my first trip to portland (conference)

updated sat 26 nov 05


Stacey and Gary Ballard on fri 25 nov 05

I am starting to plan my trip for the conference in March and was not =
sure what to expect. If anyone can help with some insight, it will make =
my planning easier.
Are there going to be lectures to sign up for?
Are there vendors?
Does the conference all happen in one location?

I have been working with clay for the last 12 years, but have been in =
kind of a bubble of sorts. I only found Clayart 3 years ago and that =
was the first I had heard of the conference. I am in Lake Tahoe and am =
so happy the conference will be on the West coast this year. I am =
excited to meet new people and be involved in the mug exchange (I have =
done the Stay at Home mug exchange for the last two years). Being a =
part of Clayart for the last few years has been the best part of my =
ceramics education (as there are not many ceramic artists to get =
together with in Tahoe and our community college only allows me to take =
6 ceramic classes and I have hit my limit). I am so excited for March, =
but can anyone give me some insight on the "goings-on" at the =
Thank you in advance,
Stacey Ballard