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sager (sic) firing--

updated fri 25 nov 05


j e motzkin on wed 23 nov 05

The chemical you used from Radio Shack is Ferric Chloride, called etchant solution in radioshack speak.
It is a soluble form of iron.


Spudmom56@AOL.COM wrote:
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 22:41:37 EST
Subject: sager firing

I'm in a class at BYU-I and we did a sager firing today.
We put on a
chemical sorry I've forgotten what it is called for sure.
We get it at Radio Shack
it called etching and we dilute it half solution and half
water. Used on
B-Mix or whitestone clay body it gives a
peachy-to-orange-pinkish color to the
pot. We put the pots in foil and fired them red hot
like a raku firing and
then take them out open the foil and add single strands
of horse hair. The
horse hair gives the pots a "lightening bolt" effect and
is very popular for
selling at our student sale. If you want I can find out
the name of the
chemical that we use and let you know that later.

Loretta in spudland

/motzkin/studio/7 TUFTS Street/Cambridge, MA 02139/

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