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surfing with helen bates - november 20, 2005 - usa and estonia

updated tue 22 nov 05


Helen Bates on sun 20 nov 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - November 20, 2005 - USA and Estonia

Priscilla Hoback (Galisteo, NM ,USA)
Graeme Anderson wrote recently: "I don't have an opinion on life
origins, but in many respects clay is "alive". Google "Living clay".
Some interesting stuff, along with the millions of commercial ads"
So I googled... Aside from all the health sites for Calcium
Montmorillonite, I found one for thjis artist, using the term "Living
Clay" to describe her medium: (personal website)
Priscilla Hoback at Shoal Creek Gallery:
(Hoback uses both hand-dug wild clays and fire clays in her murals ans
sculptures. Her recent book is, in fact, called: "Living Clay.")

Galisteo Studio Tour (Galisteo, NM, USA)
(Several artists on the tour work with clay) (To right click for a new
window or tab, use the "Map" link and scroll down to the text links -
don't right click on the image thumbnails as you will not be permitted
this action.)

Signe and Meelis Krigul (Piusa, Estonia)
Signe moulds her pieces by hand and Meelis Krigul makes hers on the
wheel. The work is low-fired, and some raku work is done with lead [!]
glazes. [I wonder if the Raku family also uses lead in the glazes they
make, to this day?]) (In Mozilla browsers, and in Opera, only the
right-click method will load the larger images. In IE: just go ahead
and left-click on the images and they will load in a new window. In
all cases, close the window or tab to return to the originating page.)

Lauri Kilusk (Estonia) (Estonian and English)
(Kilusk does just about anything in ceramics - throws on the wheel,
adds pieces of other materials to join two thrown parts, makes figural
sculptures, lamps, musical instruments, you name it.) (He graduated
from Estonian Academy of Arts in 2002 and was a 2001 exchange student
at East Carolina University.)

Asuurkeraamika (Ceramic Workshop) (Tallinn, Estonia)
(Artists: Kadri Parnamets, Urmas Puhkan, Kart Seppel, Aigi Orav, Kulli
Koiv, and Lauri Kilusk, who is cited above)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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