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iron in clay staining hands problem

updated sat 19 nov 05


Carol Tripp on fri 18 nov 05

Hello all,
I'm coming out of deep lurk to pose a strange question.

Two different iron- bearing clays that I have been using for about five
years are now leaving the skin around my fingernails, parts of the finger
prints on my right index and middle finger and the whites of my thumbnails
(the only ones longer than an millimetre) stained dark brown. (These clays
are from old supplies.) Why? This has been going on for a month. No one
else is having this problem with the clays and I've never had this happen
before. I scrub and scrub and short of cutting off the skin and/or nails, I
can't get away from the 'been digging in the mud' look. It's wierd and I am
beginning to wonder if I have some sort of vitamen deficiency or something.
Or maybe it's my magnetic personality.

Any ideas what's going on? Should I resort to cream bleach or just start
wearing gloves and a twin set and pearls? ;-)

Best regards,
Carol in Dubai, UAE

PS: The big amount of zirco pax in the Alligator Glaze is correct. The
maker wrote in to CM in October and confirmed that Alligator is a wild

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