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was about haggling and seconds sale

updated thu 17 nov 05


claybair on wed 16 nov 05

You will get wildly opposing opinions on this subject.
The 2 main factions are
"They will come back to haunt you" and
"There's nothing wrong with selling seconds"
So here I sit on the fence.
I have sold pieces that make me cringe when I see them now.
I also felt good being able to sell pieces to people who might not
have been able to afford them otherwise.
I had a seconds (Almost Perfect) section at a studio tour last summer.
People did buy them but also came into my booth and bought "firsts".
Several years ago I did a show here in WA where there was a near continual
feeding frenzy around the seconds table... hell, I even bought a few!
My opinion....I think you are ok with it as long as it is not a
structural issue where it could cause injury.
Pricing is another can of worms.... I discounted the pieces 50%...
which is what I would get selling wholesale or in a gallery and is
50% more than I get when I just give them away or trash them!

Gayle Bair - bargain hunting is an addiction! In Tucson last year
Clayarter Brenda Beeley and I would go what I called "Yard Sailing"
Gads the treasures we found!!!!
Bainbridge Island, WA
Tucson, AZ

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From: Peter
Hi all,

I'm still fairly new to selling my work, but as in the flea market thread,
I have a clear philosophy about selling good work.

However, I do get pieces that have cracks, which I don't feel are worth
full price. What are some thoughts about having a Seconds Sale? Does
anyone do that to clear inventory and make some pocket cash? If so, how
much less would you sell a piece for?

Am I being contrary to what I said earlier regarding selling my soul if I
discount any work?



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Peter Cunicelli on wed 16 nov 05

Thanks for the advice Gayle.

Anything that is seconds, for me, is not going to be a structural issue.
Most of my work is not functional, so there are no worries there.

A piece that I made last year was my favorite now it makes me cringe.

I'm just starting on my own as of December 1. I know I'm going to have a
lot of work that I wouldn't sell as a first and will want to generate some
kind of cash from the pieces that don't make it. Pieces that are really,
really bad go to a friend of mine who does mosiacs. She smashes them.