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updated thu 17 nov 05


mel jacobson on wed 16 nov 05

thanks tony for that great post about sherman.
right on the mark.

i just wanted to note that none of the staff
at cm ever publishes pix of their own work.
(and sherman, bill jones...and in the past ruth
are potters. they know what they are doing.)

they publish what is sent to them. those that
send, work hard at publication, send great pix get
published. often they are even the dreaded mfa folks.
amazing. and why not? if my next raise in pay depended
on my publication...i would sure try. that is the life
blood of college art too..publication.

and production/make
functional pots potters...maybe you should send some writing,
good slides and make a go of it...and stop whining about what
is in cm. if you don't submit will never appear.
i just helped a fine potter...great work, great slides....great
images put together a manuscript...he wrote it..i pushed
his backside. you will see it one day soon. amazing stuff.

i never bash the editors for the work that is in the magazine.
i bash the potters that send it..if i hate it. that is called critique.
it is all our right to do that, and we do it every month.

we are so blessed in ceramics to have sherman, polly beach, bill jones
and others. we get images every month...good, great, simple and dumb.
but, we get images to bounce our own thoughts off of.
we do not have to `just love them all`. the best we can do is
make honest judgements based on what we are doing. it is a
great help...the awful images just reinforce that we do have value.
that is important.

if i was teaching at UNC, that is: University of North Cornwall State
i would be sending slides every year/manuscripts every year.
how else would one get to be a full professor? and i am not kidding.
this is important stuff in that profession. don't knock it til you stand
in their shoes.

i send manuscripts to all of the magazines...i just love doing it.
what a challenge. and the photo work is a great event for me.
and, now i am learning to use that nikon d10 lights
new adventures. (and if you want to go absolutely insane, try
shooting 100 black pots/ is gruesome work.)

but, best of all, editors make you look so damn smart. they just
have that special way of making your thoughts come alive with
just a nudge here, a change there. good editors are golden.
you do your work, they do their work...and it all comes out in the end.
from mel/