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updated sun 13 nov 05


Lili Krakowski on mon 14 nov 05


Thank you Steve, and Steve, and John, and Tom for the zirconium info. The
"proprietary ingredients" Steve Irvine mentions do explain why everything is
sold by brand. Does not explain why plain zirc. silicate, or oxide is not
sold. To all thanks...and PAX vobiscum!

With all this truly fascinating talk about reduction, two things. Cooper
someplace says that OF COURSE there is reduction in a neutral fire, as all
the organic materials burn out.

And then. I was reading Cooper's book of glazes to Cannonball the other
night...she thinks of Feldspar, Whiting, Clay and Flint as lullaby
words....when I realized a good many glazes are oxidation OR reduction. Now
I DO know that such glazes look one way in O and another in R BUT what I do
not know is this: besides how glorious a glaze will look fired this way or there a characteristic to the glaze itself.....Can a guru look at
a glaze recipe and say Aha this is an oxidation glaze, this a
reduction....(taking into account give-away ingredients like lead?)

And last....while part (a tiny small part) often craves a map that would
show potters nearby...and I know of sticks one's neck out....It
will invite self-invited visitors, and it will lead to one's being on other

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage