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fwd: kiln loading question

updated sun 13 nov 05


Eleanora Eden on mon 14 nov 05

>Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 08:44:01 -0500
>To: Clayart
>From: Eleanora Eden
>Subject: Kiln loading question
>Cc: louroess2210
>Hi Lou and all,
>I agree with advice from Mark. I go by the platters only in the top
>half of my (L&L236) kiln and it has made HUGE difference. That was
>advice from Ron Roy some years ago and it CHANGED MY LIFE!
>Recently we got sick of the cold spots on the bottom of the kiln.
>Filled bottom up with 2 inches of solid kaowool board and place the
>bottom shelves directly on that. Caulked the pyrometer holes with
>plenty of kaowool trash. No more leaky bottom, no more cold spots.
>I always have a tall shelf at least 9" on one side of the bottom and
>try to have the same on at least one side of the top. Seems to work
> have read conflicting advice. I've never read that one should place
>very thin platters on the bottom of the kiln, though I have read
>advocates of big pieces on the top, and big pieces on the bottom.
>Regardless, the motivation is always even firing. I say, if your
>firings are even, keep doing what you're doing.
>>I recently read a post which suggested that the bottom layer of a
>>kiln have at least four inch posts. Is this the consensus of the
>>group? Would this help with heat distribution? Are there any other
>>guidelines for loading as to where to put different size pieces. I
>>have used cones in my firings and the firing seems to be very even
>>top to bottom.
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