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mi and marketing

updated wed 9 nov 05


Maxwell, Deborah on tue 8 nov 05

Hello and thanks to all who replied on and off line about SC pottery. I
think a trip to NC is in order as well!

The marketing question made me think about how I market myself. I am the
queen of direct marketing because it works. Anyone remember the
character from LA Law TV show, the one who drove people batty about his
direct mail chats? That's me.=20

In a former life I was a Fund Development officer, and we used it at the
hospital and it worked. For me, I design my own postcards with a picture
of my work on one side and a label with the info on the other side. Add
stamp and address and it's done!

Once I recycled Christmas cards and cut them to post card size and sent
them in July. They get noticed and talked about. The latest info on
direct mail: for every $1 you spend it will generate $14 back on

Good luck - it works for me.

Deborah J. Bassett-Maxwell
Kimball, MI