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diana's book

updated wed 9 nov 05


JOYCE LEE on tue 8 nov 05

While we're talking about my good friend, Diana Pancioli, I'd like to
remind all of you considering going the way of the extruder...... and =
IS fun ...... that Diana has a great book available from Lark.
However, you can now find it in most clay supply houses and through
the ad pages in Ceramics Monthly and other pubs. Steve Branfman
offers it for sale, also.

Diana has been teaching successfully for a long time and her experience
shows in the layout of her book. Each step is illustrated; there are =
color pages and loads of detailed references to the extruded work of =
potters, whom she lists as Contributing Artists. I had the North Star =
extruder when I purchased the
book and used it to create many of the projects Diana presents so well.
Later, #1 Support Person, knowing that I was under her influence,
ordered Bailey's large pneumatic extruder (pneumatic? is that right?
anyway, it requires a small air compressor.) which enabled me, with D.
by my side in the form of her book (as well as available through =
to explore other directions also.

North Star threw in along with the extruder (at show prices in Las
Vegas NCECA) ALL of their many dies, something like 200
possible shapes when you count both the hollow and solid shapes
made with the same die. Some which I would not have
purchased, turned out to be valuable in my work. A true bargain.
Therefore, I had no need for learning to create my own dies, thank
goodness, for a David Hendley I'm not.... closest I can come to David
is wearing red shoes in his support at NCECA and appreciating all that
he is. (I don't know where David found red WORK shoes, but he did.....
probably made them himself.)

In the Mojave where my barefeet are cold, first sign that winter may be
settling in for us. Furnace guy comes to winterize the place =
if not, I'll have to resort to the fireplaces. Mojo goes out to the =
patio to lie down in the sun, jumps up, looks around as if somebody
must be teasing her...... gives up looking for a warm spot and comes
back in her pet door disgusted with the sun's betrayal.