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kiln for leland

updated sat 5 nov 05


The Sherman's on fri 4 nov 05

My Streets and Maps program tells me that it is 1300 miles from La Pine,
Oregon to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Estimated travel time 23.5 hours and
cost about $140 (based on $2.80/gallon). When my hubby and I needed to get
the last of our stuff from FL to NY (1200 miles) we got a friend to rent a
truck with a tow ball (the stuff included a sailboat) in FL. Cheap one way
ticket to FL then drive back with the rig. A pain to drive it through New
York City to get to Long Island. Since the truck wasn't fully loaded he
used an air mattress in the back to sleep and stopped at rest stations
overnight. A cheap cooler for drinks and snacks. We've done this drive
several times and find it is better with 2, even if one person does most/all
the driving (I'm not very comfortable with big rigs but can do it if
needed). We listened to "The DiVinci Files" on one trip and drove straight
through. That was a killer!

You would need to pack the kiln very carefully, rent the smallest truck
available, and tie it in place so it can't move around. With the truck so
empty things will tend to want to bounce around.

A shipping company might be better/less expensive but someone will need to
build a crate for the kiln.

Marcey Sherman
Zephyr Pottery..... about 1/2 way out Long Island where the leave are
turning gorgeous colors.