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art / music response to lee

updated fri 4 nov 05


marianne kuiper milks on thu 3 nov 05

I appreciate you reply./ I will watch/listen to the
drum session tonight, when Carl is home to enjoy it
with me.

Regarding your son: the video and all that may have
something to do with his idea of study, but I also
think that it is rather logical for a child to act
this way. Which student does their math homework page
10 times? They have to learn to practice.
I've always required parents to stay during lessons
and I've always suggested that the student plays a
mini recital at home, every week, maybe 2 days before
the next lesson. Not to just show the perfect and
finished pieces but everything they had been assigned,
from scales to memorization. Teaching one-on-one is
such a joy and privilege. And I think it applies to
all forms of teaching. I'm far from cheap (for this
area) and want people to get what they expect:
undivided attention, a plan that suits the student
and an understanding of the process. I've rarely lost
a student - often keeping them for 10 years.

Didn't mean to be so long, again. To end this a funny
story about meeting people (yes, I have met and heard
the ones you mentioned also). Annemieke, my 3rd child
now 28 and a violinist, was invited to Toby and
Yitzhak Pertman's music camp in the Hamptons for 2,3
summers in the mid 1990s.
Annemieke was told to practice at the nearby Perlman's
house and was assigned his/her bedroom, which
apparently is adjacent to the kitchen (as far as I
remember the story). As she practiced softer and
softer, hearing Perlman busy in the kitchen, he yelled
why she wasn't playing. She replied something like
being worried that he could hear her, to which he
replied"Nah, I'm making omelets - can't hear a thing".

Have a very Japanese day with beautiful mud and

Revelstone Pottery
Honesdale, PA

--- Lee Love wrote:

> On 2005/11/03 19:25:36marianne kuiper milks
> wrote:
> > When I was a music student in Holland, my piano
> > teacher took me to meet Arthur Rubinstein, a
> giant of
> > a small man with the most sparkly eyes and
> refined
> > manners.
> Thank you for sharing your experience. I you are
> very fortunate!
> Jean and I once heard Pinkus Zukerman and
> Yo-yo Ma play in St.
> Paul. We were lucky: Our seats were cheap
> seats up high and off to
> the side, but we could see folks off-stage, before
> they entered the hall
> to play. It was great to watch them be so warm to
> one & other when
> they though no one was looking.
> We use to enjoy listening to the
> chamber orchestra, led
> by Zukerman, when it played at Temple Isreal in
> Minneapolis. Bach
> should be played in holy spaces.
> > I don't think that repeats of any kind are bad,
> > whether repeated for artistic or fiancial reasons,
> as
> > long as it is done well and with self-respect.
> Repeats might actually be the antidote
> to a fetish with
> novelty. I recall with horror when I set my
> youngest son with an
> electric guitar, amp and lessons, how at first, he
> would only play a
> piece once and think he was finished with his
> practice. Maybe this is
> what video games do to young minds?
> Hey. Download the link below. I
> filmed a short movie
> clip of the Mashiko Taiko Group drumming at the
> Messe museum (The
> Tochigi Prefectural Ceramics Museum) on Culture Day,
> Right smack dab
> between my festival space an the open doors of the
> museum. This
> Taiko drum was created by my Sensei Tatsuzo
> Shimaoka It is ceramic
> and has rope impression inlay and his leaf motif on
> it. I think Ken
> Matsuzaki did a a lot of the actual fabrication.
> This is a sound
> movie I made with my Nokia cell phone. Should play
> in Media Player
> (might say it might not work, but it does.) Says
> 3gp but plays as an .mpg:
> --
> Lee Love
> in Mashiko, Japan
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