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sharp tools are underway.

updated tue 1 nov 05


Antoinette Badenhorst on mon 31 oct 05

To those of you that ordered tools from me and from whom I received =
your tools will be in the mail this morning. The people that offered to =
me in the survey, I will be in contact with you in this week. I still =
people that work with tools in exceptional ways. I have enough =
and smooth clay examples. I also have medium and heavy grog examples. I =
not have someone that trim paperclay or someone that add other materials =
clay. I also have a limited amount of tools left from this first batch =
you can still order from me. I will get more in future as soon as I know
which ones are the popular ones and if there is a sufficient market. For
those of you that missed this conversation this far; you can go to my
website and find information under CC Tools or e-mail me. These are =
that will work away eventually, but will hopefully last much longer than =
regular ones on the market.


Do you need sharp trimming tools that will not wear out quickly? Contact =
for information.=20

Antoinette Badenhorst

105 Westwood Circle

Saltillo MS, 38866

662 869 1651