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woods workshop spring

updated sat 29 oct 05


marianne kuiper milks on fri 28 oct 05

Hi everyone (well, some...)

I was surprised at the response. How neat.

Since it is a bit early to make decisions (for me it
is) I will throw out some ideas, suggestions,
questions or whatever.

I (we, Carl and I) were thinking that we could keep
this very simple from the start and thus have the
atmosphere relaxed and the cost as low as could be.
Most of this I already suggested:

We have a large pasture out back that we will mow, and
a large yard. People can pitch tents there and even
build a little village of sorts.
We will make a good fire-circle there.
We can build a woodkiln there, as Carl did with Randy
Bronax and Bruce Dehnert, or by my little shed on
gravel, depending on the dryness. And stuff like that.
We have a gaskiln and a little electrice one, more an
over-size test kiln.
I have one wheel, a slab-roller and chemicals, no
extruder yet.
And it's beautiful here.
If each or some of us can bring an idea for us to work
on, that would be perfect. You can also bring your own
There are MANY potters in our area, including those
with wood-burning, anagama,nuregama (sp?), salt, soda
etc. kilns. We can visit, do whatever. Ask them to
visit us.

You're on your own for food: you can go out or put $20
pp in a pot, we cook, fill the pot again. That's what
we used to do. Buy your own alcohol. Be rowdy: nobody
hears you.
I have 2 bedrooms (double, two single, 2 cribs) left.
Feel free to bring your family: there is much to do
here and much of it is free. Hiking in State Forests,
we have a 19mi long lake 3mi down the road. Use our
canoes, sailboat, windsurfers.The train
Honesdale-Lackawaxen runs. Zane Grey's home is here as
well as one of the oldst movie theatres. Beauty. Train
Museum USA is 45 min. away. BIG antique market 45 min
south. Big farmer's market. Manhattan or Philly
daytrip possible. Tile museum (name escaped me) in
Small zoo. Stinks. Going downhill here, better quit.

We ask only two things:
Share the cost of kiln gas used
Leave the place as clean or cleaner than when you

PLEASE tell me which times are bad/good, in general,
for those who do shows. I don't so i have no clue.
Ah: there's also a lovely little gallery here...maybe
we can do something there also. Two galleries,

Just keep this info somewhere and if you have
pertinent information or want me to hold on to your
name (5 now) let me know. I really AM excited and I
better learn a lot!

Marianne Kuiper Milks
22 Revelstone drive, Honesdale, PA 18431
Ph 570 226 6888 cell 570 228 5057
Revelstone..whatever name...

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